Does Ethiopian Airlines Fly to Australia

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines flies to Australia. It is the 5th most popular country in the world. Adorable Koalas, tropical beaches, kangaroos, rainforests, and the wines. Megacities like Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, and others are covered by Ethiopian Airlines. 

One of the major airlines in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines covers almost 131 International destinations. Out of which, 63 cities are in Africa. Given its low-cost tickets, it is best for planning a budget-friendly trip. Readers who want to confirm whether or not Ethiopian Airlines fly to Australia can refer to this piece of content. 

List of Cities Ethiopian Airlines Fly in Australia 

List of Cities Ethiopian Airlines Fly in Australia 

Ethiopian Airlines flies to 17 cities or regions in Australia. It offers direct and codeshare flights to this country. Passengers can book the flights online or offline to the city they wish to visit next. 

Check The List of Cities where Ethiopian Airlines Fly in Australia. 

  • Adelaide 
  • Avalon AU
  • Ayers Rock 
  • Ballina 
  • Brisbane 
  • Cairns 
  • Canberra
  • Darwin (DRW)
  • Hamilton Island 
  • Hobart 
  • Launceston 
  • Melbourne 
  • Perth
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Sydney 
  • Townsville 

Ethiopian Airlines Australia Contact Address 

Ethiopian Airlines uses various airports in each of the 17 regions of Australia where it flies.  Passengers flying to and from these cities can contact the Ethiopian Airlines staff for bookings, cancellations, and other related services. Find the contact address details below along with its office in Australia.

Medium of Contact Address 
Office AddressWorld Aviation Systems Suite 2805 Level 28,Australia Square 264, George StreetSydney, NSW 2000 Australia
Phone 1300 600 001
Twitter @flyethiopian

Use the Ethiopian Airlines Call Centers number list to find any local region contact number. For Australia, Dial +43 720 229149 and connect for any unresolved queries with the airline representatives. 


Ethiopian Airlines has slowly been expanding its network. Currently, it flies to 17 cities in Australia. Probably in the future, there will be new routes introduced for this country. Major cities like Sydney, and Townsville are part of the present flight schedules. You can fly directly to these regions and look for another means of transportation for the desired location if it is not on the list. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there direct flights offered by Ethiopian Airlines for Australia?

Yes, there are direct and code share flights offered by Ethiopian Airlines flying to Australia. 

Does Ethiopian Airlines Fly to Australia from Addis Ababa?

Passengers can book their flights from Addis Ababa to Australia on the Ethiopian Airlines website or mobile application.

How to contact Ethiopian Airlines in Australia?

Call +43 720 229149 or 1300 600 001 to connect with Ethiopian Airline staff in Australia.
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