How to Change Flight Date on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines allows passengers to change on the flight. You can change the date or rebook another flight on the same day. Until last year, due to COVID-19, the airline relaxed its policies and allowed free unlimited dates change. This policy ended in 2022. Now, there might be charges applicable as per the travel class and the route. 

You can get the flight date change using the online and offline methods offered by the airline. It is very easy to make changes in your Ethiopian Airlines flight schedule. 

Definitive Guide on Ethiopian Airlines Flight Change 

Use the Manage Booking section to change flight dates on Ethiopian Airlines. Else, visit the office to make changes as per the new requirement. Calling is also an option. When using the offline ways, you will have to carry the mandatory documents showcasing your present flight details along with an identity proof for verification. 

While for the online method, you can easily log in with your credentials and follow the steps to learn  how to change flight date in ethiopian airlines. 

  • Browse Official site
  • Select the Manage Booking tab on the home page. 
  • A new page will appear, enter your last name and booking reference number or PNR. 
  • Click on ‘Retrieve Booking’. 
  • The flight details will be reflected on the screen. 
  • Select the ticket and the flight you wish to make the date change. 
  • Choose the change flight option.
  • Further follow the instructions and change the date of the flight. 
  • If the price applies,then pay accordingly. 

How Much Cost to Change Flight Date Ethiopian Airlines?

How to Change Flight Date on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines charges additional fees for flight changes during or after the departure. The prices applicable on the domestic and the international are different. The cost of the flight date will be shown on the screen during the process. You can decide if you want to proceed further or not. 

Ethiopian Airlines passengers can also cancel their tickets for free within 24 hours of booking and rebook a new flight. You will save money if you take the necessary steps on time after releasing that there are changes in the plan. In case of any query or issue, contact the Ethiopian Airlines to make early changes in the flight.

Key Takeaways 

Passengers who have booked a flight and now want to know how to change flight date Ethiopian Airlines can use the above defined steps. These make the process easy and quick. Moreover, there is no need to visit the office. While for bookings via travel agents, you should contact the agency and inform them to make the required changes. Call the Ethiopian customer service to find which method is suitable to make flight date change as per the medium of booking. 


Can I change my flight date Ethiopian airlines?

Yes, you can change the flight date on Ethiopian airlines for a fee.

How to change Ethiopian airlines ticket date online?

Use the mobile application or website to make the flight changes online. How much to change flight date Ethiopian Airlines?

The cost of flight date change varies for domestic and the international flights. Check the price applicable for your ticket while making the changes or call the concerned authority to know the exact amount.

How to change my flight date on Ethiopian airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines passengers can visit the airport office to make the flight date change. Call the travel agents for bookings via an agency.
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