How to Check-In Online Ethiopian Airlines

Visit the Ethiopian Airlines website or the mobile application to confirm your flight details and finish the check-in process. The online procedure is simple, easily accessible, and saves a lot of time.

With the changing era, airlines have shifted the majority of the facilities like booking, check-in, and others online. It reduces the effort for the passengers and the airline also. While there is no compulsion to check in online, there are offline mediums too. Also, the policy doesn’t allow certain special cases to use the online method. Review the points below to know can you check in online with Ethiopian Airlines.

Step By Step Guide For Ethiopian Airlines Online Check-In 

Step By Step Guide For Ethiopian Airlines Online Check-In

Can I Check-In Online with Ethiopian Airlines? Yes, Ethiopian Airlines passengers can check in online. Though tickets with special assistance are required like a wheelchair, unaccompanied minors might not be able to use the service online. Due to extra formalities, the airline does not allow check-in online for specific ticket types.

Download at least two  Ethiopian Airlines boarding passes after online check-in.  Apart from the special cases, generic ticket types can easily use the check-in option available on the Ethiopian airlines website or the mobile app. Here are the guided steps on how to check in online at Ethiopian Airlines.

1. Search Ethiopian Airlines or visit the official website or the mobile application directly.

2. On the home page, you will find the Check-in option at the top right side. 

3. Select the option.

4. Login with the name and the booking reference number. You can also use your Frequent Flyer number to log in to your Ethiopian Airlines account.

5. After entering the booking credentials, click on ‘Continue’. 

6. Your flight details will be reflected on the screen. 

7. Read all the information carefully.

8. If you did not select the sex before, enter now. 

9. Also, select or change the seat as per the requirements.

10. If you don’t like the current seat assigned, then you can change as per availability.

11. Click on Check Baggage, if there is no seat change required. 

12. Now, check the list of hazardous items and confirm if you will be carrying or not any of these items.

13. Select No, if there is no harmful item in your checked or carry bag as listed by Ethiopian Airlines.

14. Further, enter the number of bags you will carry at the time of check-in. 

15. Finally, after entering all the details, click on check-in to end the process. 

16. Your Boarding pass will be displayed on the screen. 

Command the printer for two prints of boarding passes. Carry these passes to clear the security line and you can also save the pass online. The pass printed by you is acceptable by Ethiopian Airlines. 

After the online check-in, you can visit the airport a bit late as compared to others who will be using the offline medium. However, timings are prescribed by Ethiopian airlines for online or web check-in passengers.

The timing varies for domestic and international travelers. Passengers who need to submit their bags at the check-in counter must arrive at the following times.

  • Domestic flights passengers must reach at least 45 minutes prior to the flights. 
  • 60 minutes earlier the flight departure is the time defined for International passengers.

Rest passengers without any bags must reach at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. Otherwise, the no-show policy is applicable on late comers tickets. 

Next up, If you are facing issues with Ethiopian airlines web check-in. Then, these are the possible reasons why you are unable to access the online check-in.

Reasons Why You Are Unable To Check In Online?  

  • Special assistance, unaccompanied minors, extra seats, pets on hold, stretcher required, etc are exceptional cases for which Ethiopian airlines do not have online check-ins. 
  • Log-ins before 36 hours or with less than 2 hours of departure are not permitted for online check-in.
  • Mali, Kenya, and Chad are three destinations for which Ethiopian Airlines web check-in is not available presently.

Solution: Firstly, refresh the page and visit the home page once again to repeat the steps listed above to finish the check-in process. At times, it is due to technical issues. If this does not work, then immediately contact the Ethiopian airlines representative via call or online chat to inform them about the issues during the online check-in. 

Lastly, if you are unable to use the web check-in feature of Ethiopian Airlines, visit the airport at least 2 hours prior to finish the necessary formalities and get a boarding pass. Remember to carry all the essential documents required for an offline check-in at the ticket counter or the kiosk.

Key Takeaways 

Ethiopian Airlines enable passengers to check in online. There might be cases where will not be able to access this feature due to various reasons. Check a few major issues that erupt in the online check-in process. The exceptional cases not allowed to use this online feature are also simultaneous. Just below, you will also find the possible solutions you can apply to check in online at Ethiopian Airlines. 

It is suggested to check in as early as possible according to the prescribed timeline because if you fail to finish the online check-in. Then you need to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to the departure to complete all the formalities via the offline medium. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to Check in online with Ethiopian Airlines?

Simply visit the website and use the check-in option to finish the process within minutes. It is very easy to check in online for Ethiopian Airlines.

Do I have to check in online for Ethiopian Airlines? 

Ethiopian Airlines passengers can use the online check-in option. There is no mandatory regulation to do so. You can also use the offline medium for check-ins at the airport.

Does Ethiopian Airlines charge a fee for online check-in?

There is no additional fee for Ethiopian airlines check-in online on the website or mobile application.

How early can I check in at Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Passengers can check in online 36 to 2 hours prior to the departure.  
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