Is Ethiopian Airlines Good

Ethiopian Airlines has earned its good reputation with the quality and quantity of services it offers at a very minimal rate. There is no doubt that it is a low-cost airline and still has thrived to be amongst the strongest contenders domestically and internationally. 

Earlier, Ethiopian Airlines had average service quality. But, in successive years, it has gradually made changes and revisions to be accounted as one of the desired airlines that flies to 131 International destinations. Now, it is the fourth largest airline serving the most number of destinations. While, in the African continent, it has the biggest fleet and the customer base.

Complete Analysis of Ethiopian Airlines 

Complete Analysis of Ethiopian Airlines 

Ethiopian Airlines is significantly a good airline that offers a bunch of premium services to its business and Cloud Nine passengers. It is a member of  IATA and the African Airlines Association. These organizations independently work in order to prepare and evaluate the standards that an airline must follow to offer a standard of quality and safety to the passengers. 

Additionally, Ethiopian Airlines also works in collaboration with the Star Alliance to expand the share of its network and services, across the globe. The customer reviews are majorly positive about the airline. However, there are bad or unsatisfactory remarks too. If you are thinking of booking a flight, then you must review the pros and cons to judge how good Ethiopian Airlines is. 

Ethiopian Airlines Contact Details

AddressMain City Ticket office Churchill Road P.O. Box 1755, Addis Ababa
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Pros of The Ethiopian Airlines 

Ethiopian Airlines offers a variety of value for money. Despite its low fare prices,it ensures on maintaining the best of the amenities for its passengers. Take a look at the pros and you can enjoy flying with the airline. 

Ethiopian Airlines On Ground Services

Ethiopian Airlines offer special transportation to transit its Business class or Cloud Nine passengers to the boarding gateways. These travel class passengers also get the advantage to board the plane first. Passengers who have reserved their seats in Business or Cloud Nine cabins will surely experience premium servicing. 

Ethiopian Airlines Lounge

Ethiopian Airlines has a bunch of lounges at its main airport. There are a few newly launched resting areas with improved services like showers, massage, and a plethora of dishes and drinks. 

Business class passengers can choose from the available options. While on other international airports, Ethiopian Airlines passengers will be able to use the Star Alliance airline lounges.  These are shared by the member airlines on various airports offering surety of a resting area, globally. 

Ethiopian Airlines Lounge

Ethiopian Airlines Priority Services 

Priority services make the journey less stressful. Passengers of business and cloud nine class can enjoy access to Priority check-in, security, and boarding. Shortening the long queues and direct entry to the plane by completing all the necessary formalities fast, makes the trip with Ethiopian Airlines much easier and more convenient.

Experience Comfort with Ethiopian Airlines Fleet

Ethiopian Airlines has a fleet including the AirBus and the Boeing aircrafts with an average age of 10.9 years. Airbus A350, Boeing 777, 787, and B787 are the new aircrafts with a plethora of comfortable and advanced features. 

Economy class passengers can enjoy reclining seats. While the Business class gets access to flat lie beds and convertible seats. The seats are much wider and with soft cushions compared to the older aircrafts of the fleet. Your journey will surely be convenient if you are flying from any of these aircrafts. 

Ethiopian Airlines Diverse  Food and Beverages 

A wide variety of dishes are served by Ethiopian Airlines. Its menu varies from regional delicacies of Africa to other popular dishes familiar to the taste buds of International passengers.  The very popular coffee culture of Ethiopian Airlines should be part of your expectation list. From the way of serving to the taste of the coffee itself is worth an experience. 

Economy class, Semi-Flex to Business Class passengers, everyone enjoys the beverages offered. Some will be entitled to welcome drinks. You can choose from nonalcoholic to alcoholic beverages. The menu keeps adding the higher travel class. Use the printed menu available on the flight to choose what to order per your preferences. 

Ethiopian Airlines Safety Record 

Ethiopian Airlines is an IATA-certified member. This organization audits an airline from the beginning from manufacturing to the departure and arrival of the aircraft to rate it as safe. Also, after witnessing a few major accidents, it has revised its policy to maintain international standards of safety. You can read more about the strategies used to ensure travelers that Ethiopian Airlines is safe to fly with.

Authentic Feel on Ethiopian Airlines 

While catering to International passengers, Ethiopian Airlines continues to maintain a distinguished feel of its country and region with its crew uniform, special beverages, and interiors. You will find the staff serving you their special tea and some regional snacks that are perfect to munch on with a drink. 

Passengers who travel with Ethiopian Airlines experience a new feeling with the modern standards of flying mixed with the authentic ways of service. However, it should not be misunderstood that the ambiance of the airline is not suitable for international passengers. Instead, it must be considered as an add-on strategy to promote the airline.  

Ethiopian Airlines WiFi Service

Ethiopian Airlines also offer WiFi that can be used anytime on board to chat on social media apps and for other browsing purposes. This is an extra service and the fee for this is not included in the ticket fare. The prices are very minimal with assurance of access to an internet service that keeps the business or entertainment going. You can buy Ethiopian Airlines WiFi service for a price of 5 Dollars per hour to 25 Dollars for the entire journey. The Platinum members of the Shebamiles enjoy access for free. 

Ethiopian Airlines ShebaMiles Awards and Programs 

Ethiopian Airlines passengers are awarded the ShebaMiles which offers various other benefits. Early discounts, upgrades, and additional services are a few to count. The frequent flyers with the Gold, and Platinum memberships get another bunch of advantages that make the trip easier. Along with the premium service of the Business and Cloud Nine seats, there are complimentary food and beverages and other features included for ShebaMiles members. 

Overview of Ethiopian Airlines

Cons of the Ethiopian Airlines 

Ethiopian Airlines has its cons, just like the coin has two sides. Some of the services that are mentioned above have certain limitations that contribute to the average performance. Evaluate these well in order to understand if these outweigh the pros or not. These will help you to decide whether to fly with the airline or not. 

Ethiopian Airlines Old Fleet 

The Old Fleet of Ethiopian Airlines is not in its best condition. The seats are not comfortable and offer a mediocre experience on the plane. Some additional features will be missing. While with the basic amenities, it offers various travel classes ranging from Economy to the Business class. Passengers can either select the new aircrafts or pay to book the old flights. Most probably, these are available for a lesser fare as compared to the newly launched at times. 

Ethiopian Airlines Ground Services for Economy

Ethiopian Airlines Economy class passengers will have to travel via the airport or airline bus to reach the terminal. The security lines can be very long during the peak season with lesser discipline. While Ethiopian Airlines do manage to offer a medium of transportation to the boarding gate, there are interruptions witnessed by the passengers. 

Ethiopian Airlines Limited WiFi Service 

\Ethiopian Airlines Limited WiFi Service 

While it is great that the airline offers WiFi to the passengers. But, it is not available on all the aircrafts. Also, the high internet speed for streaming online platforms is missing. Passengers can use it for the basic chat and the browsing purpose, only. These speed and data packs are applicable to all travel classes. 

Ethiopian Airlines Lack Luxurious Amenities 

This is more of a personal view of the passengers. However, a lot of customers review that the airline lacks the over-premium or luxurious amenities in its Economy cabins. This is a con that should not affect many as the tickets are inexpensive compared to other airlines. Also, the limited services are only subject to the basic seats. It’s business class and other higher cabin passengers enjoy the comfort and extra complimentary benefits. 

Ethiopian Airlines Non-Uniform Service Quality 

Lastly, there have been differences experienced in the quality of Ethiopian airline services at various airports. Its main airport in Addis Ababa continues to offer one of the best lounges, assistance and other amenities. Unfortunately, the same is not maintained for all airports where it is currently operational. You can review passenger feedback specific to your desired destination to understand what quality of services you can expect at the airport.

Overall Evaluation 

To determine Is Ethiopian Airlines good, you are advised to carefully read all the pros and cons to identify the quality of the service required and expected. Compare the prices to avail of the premium benefits since the airline offers a set of amenities to the higher cabin passengers. Overall, Ethiopian airlines is a good airline at a very affordable price. Surely, there are a few limitations but if those are negligible, then it is a big thumbs up to this airline. The customer feedback also reflects the improved quality and experience it is offering. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How good is Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines is a 4-star rated airline with the largest fleet in Africa. 

Does Ethiopian Airlines have lounges?

Ethiopian Airlines have more than one lounge at its main airport in Addis Ababa. It uses Star Alliance lounges at other airports as it is a member of this alliance. 

What is the rank of Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines is recognized as the fourth largest airline in the world for flying to the most number of destinations. 

Is Ethiopian Airlines a good airline?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines is a good airline with above-average services and safety standards certified by the International Air Transportation Association. 
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1 year ago

Ethiopian Airlines turned out to be extremely vexing experience.

A flight scheduled for mid-night was delayed several times for seven hours without proper information or treatment, leaving passengers sleeping on the bench.
#Shame on #ethiopianairlines

11 months ago

No Ethiopian Airlines are scam artists, my daughter in law who lives in Namibia was due to fly to the UK on the 11th Aug 2023, the tickets were bought on July 12th 2023, they refused her to fly stating she needed a visa, BUT the British embassy in Windhoek stated she did NOT need a visa, UK gov also stated she did not need a visa and the Namibian Gov stated she did NOT need a visa to travel, yet Ethiopian Airlines refused to allow her to fly, we do have recordings of each of the 4 Airline representatives stating 4 totally different reasons, all her paperwork was in order and there was no reason to refuse, they are refusing to refund the ticket prices as well as all the other monies lost due to the Airline refusing to allow her to fly, As with numerous other customers this is now going to be taken to court, as stated above we have all the information to prove this Airline has broken the law, I would advise people NOT to fly with this Airline as they over book flights, refuse to allow people to board the flights and then refuse to refund the price of the ticket, this is not a “one off” issue, they have done this exact same thing to 100’s of other customers, we are now taking this to the courts , please do not fly this Airline as they are terrible