What is the Baggage Allowance for Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian airlines allows checked and carry bags for free as per the travel class and the route. The fee of carrying a bag is included in the ticket fee. It is important to remember that the airline permits a limited number of bags of certain size and weight, per passenger. That is why as per the flight and the destination, there are variations in the Baggage allowance of Ethiopian Airlines. 

It is a low cost airline and still manages to offer free baggage allowance. If compared, Ethiopian airlines baggage policy is fair and flexible making it a great viable choice to fly. Even the Economy class passengers are permitted to carry a pretty decent amount of bags. You can even carry your musical instruments for free if its size and weight fits the predetermined  limit by the airline. Additional fee is payable for exceeding the dimensional limit ascertained. Check what bags can you carry for free for your upcoming flight with the Ethiopian airlines.

The Complete Guide Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Ethiopian Airlines follows the piece and weight concept to offer free baggage permits to its passengers, irrespective of the travel class. A certain number of checked and carry bags can be carried for free. Depending on the travel class and the route, the permissible limit is decided. Post the limit, any bag carried is subject to the excess bag fee.

Since the airline is part of the Star Alliance and awards its frequent flyers program, there are special provisions for such. That is why it is essential to understand what is Baggage allowance for Ethiopian Airlines specific to your ticket.  

After thoroughly researching Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance, the information has been curated for you. The policy for the carry on and the checked bag pertaining to each travel class are defined separately in detail. You will also find the conditions applicable for oversized articles or luggage.

Ethiopian Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance 

Each Ethiopian airlines passenger can carry a personal item of 5kg for free along with a handbag. The quantity of the handbag varies for each ticket type. Economy class passengers are allowed to carry a 7 kg handbag and the business class are permitted 2 bags of 7 kg, per passenger. While, laptop, coat, camera or a bunch of other items accepted as personal items can be carried for free. This limit is generic to all the passengers. Select any of them items that you will like to carry additionally with your handbag. 

  • Overcoat, wrap or a blanket.
  • Laptop
  • Camera 
  • Binoculars
  • Infants food 
  • Duty Free items 
  • Infant’s carrying basket

Additionally to the above specified permitted carry bag, passengers are free to carry essential items or devices like prosthetics, wheelchair, braces, pair of crutches, e.t.c. 

Remember, the items to be carried as personal items or carry-on bags should not exceed the permissible limit. Ethiopian Airlines does not allow bags or items taller or wider than 23×40×55 (cm). Whereas, the number of handbags vary as per the travel class. 

The Star Alliance members flying in a first or business class get extra benefits and are allowed to carry 2 handbags of 7 kg each with dimensions not exceeding more than  23×40×55 (cm).

Excess Baggage Charges: Price ranging from  to 250 Dollars is charged for carrying items or bags exceeding the permissible limit according to Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance policy. 

Ethiopian Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance 

Ethiopian Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Economy passengers of Ethiopian Airlines are permitted to carry two checked bags of 23 kg each. While the Cloud Nine or Business class passengers are entitled to either 2 bags of 32 kg or 3 bags of 23 kgs. The total sum size of the bag or item including the length, breadth and width should not be more than 62 inches. Bags exceeding the prescribed limit are eligible as Excess bags.  You can check how much is extra baggage defined by Ethiopian Airlines according to your ticket and items and pay accordingly.

These rules are applicable on flights across the Atlantic and from the U.S.A. 

These are the generic provisions for passengers from any of the above mentioned travel classes. While there are some additional rules for passengers flying to/from the U.S. and Canada. Some extra benefits for a certain category of members are also provided by the airline. 

Checked Baggage Allowance rules for Routes to/from the U.S. and Canada 

  • Ethiopian Airlines Economy and Cloud Nine Business class passengers are allowed to carry two bags for free. 
  • The Sheba Gold members are allowed to carry an additional third bag of 32 kgs that must be of 62 inches or less. This is applicable to all ticket types, irrespective to the travel class. 
  • The extra free bag that Sheba miles Silver members can carry should be 23 kgs and 62 inches in size inclusive of all three sides. 
  • Similarly, the Star Gold Alliance Members are entitled to carry an additional bag of size not more than 62 inches. The weight size varies as per the travel class.

Exceptions to Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy

Ethiopian Airlines has some additional and separate policies for specific age groups and items. It is to ensure the special needs for certain passengers. These are valid as carry-on or checked bags depending on the items or other criteria. 

Infant Free Baggage Policy (Carry-on)

Infants between the age group of 0-2 years are entitled to either a 10 kg piece or 23 kg piece based on the weight and the per piece system. Additionally, a baby stroller or car is also allowed, given the infant onboard is permitted by the airlines. 

 On the other hand, the kids above this age group are applicable to the same baggage policy as the adults. 

Pets Carriage Ethiopian Airlines Policy 

Pets that are domesticated are allowed  as in the cabin or the baggage area of Ethiopian Airlines flights. However, these are applicable for a fee. The price for carrying your pet varies on the weight and the route. 

  1. Pets that are 8 kg or less, including the cage, are allowed in the cabin for routes from ET to any international destination for a fee of 150 Dollars, each direction. 
  2. Pets carried on the domestic routes beginning from ET are allowed to be carried in the cabin for 100 Dollars. The weight of the pet should be 8 kg including the cage or carriage.
  3. 370 Dollars is the price charged for pets carried in hold with a weight limit of more than 8 kgs and less than 23 on international routes to and from ET.
  4. Lastly, pets with weight between 8-23 kgs are allowed on the cabin for  domestic routes from the ET are subject to pay 500% of the excess bag fee. The fee is valid if the (GSM Sec04.04 7.6) applicable.

Ethiopian Airlines Sporting Equipment Baggage Policy 

Ethiopian Airlines allows passengers to carry the sporting equipment as checked bags. These are add ons and are included as Excess Baggage. There are more than 30 items listed and prices for each vary as per their shape, size and route.  You can refer to the Sporting Equipment’s list and check the prices mentioned alongside.

Pro Tip: If you purchase the extra bag allowance online, you are eligible for an additional 5% discount. This will reduce your overall cost and keep the budget in place. 


The Ethiopian Airlines Baggage allowance is comparatively nice and allows a bunch of bags with considerable weight to be carried for free.  The dimensions limit should also be kept in mind to carry the bags for free. Otherwise, the bag is payable under the excess baggage policy. There are certain criteria that are specific to routes, travel class and items. To verify such for your flight summary, check the above content on what is the Baggage Allowance for Ethiopian Airlines.

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance (FAQs)

What is Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance?

Ethiopian Airlines entitles passengers to carry free bags subject to the travel class and age group.

Can I buy extra baggage on Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines’ passengers can buy extra baggage. The additional items are added as the checked bag and the limit exceeding bags can be bought for an additional fee. 

How many kg baggage is allowed on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines passengers can carry up to 23 kgs bag for Economy class.  Business class passengers can carry a maximum of 32 kgs luggage.

Does Ethiopian Airlines allow baggage for free?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines passengers can carry free bags with a certain quantity and dimensional limit.
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