Ethiopian Airlines passengers can contact the airline via offline and online mediums. Visit the nearest office to meet the authority or representatives face to face and solve your queries. Else chatbots and email are available to connect with Ethiopian Airlines online. 

Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s one of largest airline and is a leading airline internationally. Its services and fleets are the major reasons for its popularity in the industry with a growing customer base at a steady pace. Ethiopian Airlines ensures that it improves by learning from customer feedback. Hence, it offers an easy and accessible way to form a two-tier communication. Read all the possible mediums you can use to contact the airlines easily. 

4 Ways to Connect to Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service

  • Call Ethiopian Airlines
  • Visit Ethiopian Airlines Office
  • Ethiopian Airlines Chat Bot
  • Mail Ethiopian Airlines 

Visit the Help and Contact section on Ethiopian Airlines’ official website and find the contact number of the offices present globally. Instead, use the mail to drop a message to the respective authority. If you are currently staying in Addis Ababa, where the airline is headquartered, then use this address to contact customer service. 

Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa Address 

Use any of the points of address to connect to Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa. 

Medium of Contact Address 
OfficeXQQR+72 Skylight Hotel, Airport Rd, Addis Ababa 1755, Ethiopia
Phone Number (+251-11) 517 8407 / 8907 / 8165 / 8529/8913
Twitter @flyethiopian
Fax (+251-11) 661 1474
Telegram Telegram chat link 

Ethiopian Airlines offices are established and are functional in various parts of the world. Currently, it flies to 131 international destinations. These include 63 cities in Africa. Hence, implies that airline passengers being from different regions can not use the same medium or way to contact the official authority of Ethiopian Airlines. That is, various channels of communication have been set by the airline. Take a look at all of them described below and use these as per your comfort. 

Call Ethiopian Airlines 

Call Ethiopian Airlines 

International Ethiopian passengers can dial (+251-11)6179900 for ticket-related issues. Otherwise,  It has different contact numbers for each region, country, or city. Use the number of your local region to talk with customer service. A list of all the numbers specific to each country is offered by Ethiopian Airlines. Visit the Help and Contact section on the official page of the website to find the customer service number operating in your country. Here are a few contact numbers you can use if you are flying from any of these regions. 

Country/ RegionEthiopian Airlines Customer Service Number 
Washington DC  1-703 682 0570
New York1-646 476-9391 
Toronto1-800 445 2733
Global Call Center    1-800 445 2733 

Visit Ethiopian Airlines Office 

Visit Ethiopian Airlines Office 

Passengers can visit the office physically to book their tickets, add excess baggage, or for any other boarding-related issue or service. Simply search the Ethiopian Airlines nearest office and set the address on google Maps to find the possible solution to your query. It is advised to carry the essential documents. More importantly, firstly call and discuss the matter first before visiting the office. The Ethiopian Airlines customer service number information has been mentioned above. 

Ethiopian Airlines Chat Bot 

Ethiopian Airlines Chat Bot 

Ethiopian Airlines Lucy is a Chatbot that will help you book, pay for the services purchased, check-in, and add other flight-related services online. It is a cool online feature that resolves your and guides you through the process to book domestic and international services. It is enabled with English and Amharic language that keeps communication easy. There is also an Ethiopian calendar for native users to book flights and use the services accordingly. 

Mail Ethiopian Airlines 

Send an to the airline authority stating your concern. Ethiopian Airlines will surely respond with the relevant answers and information. However, this method is quite slow and it is better suggested to use the call or chat option to get a quick response and use the service ahead. 


How Do I contact Ethiopian Airlines? The query has been clarified in detail with this content. Either visit the nearest office or simply switch to the mobile application/ website for the same services. Nowadays, the majority of the services like booking, cancellation, adding baggage, and check-in, all are available online. Also, it is easy to access these services from the convenience of the house. So use the Live chat as specified above and keep the process easy. In case the query or request to be raised is unique and is not getting resolved, then either call the customer’s office or visit the office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I contact Ethiopian Airlines customer service?

Ethiopian Airlines offer a bunch of channels to communicate with their customer service. There are offline and online addresses mentioned to contact the concerned authorities.

How to use Ethiopian Airlines chatbot?

Ethiopian Airlines Chat bot known as Lucy can be used to resolve any query or book, add service, pay, or for any other service related to reservation and boarding. 

How can I speak online with Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines passengers can use the Live chat option via the chatbot to contact for any unresolved query or book flights and related services online. Also, you can mail the airline authority for any complaints and issues.

Can I call Ethiopian Airlines customer services for my ticket issue? 

Dial 1-800 445 2733 or use the live chat bot to solve your ticket-related issues.  Ticket name change, cancellation, and other queries are heard on a phone call and the best possible solution is suggested by the airline representative. 
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Anwar Ahmed
Anwar Ahmed
7 months ago

I need to visit nicaragua with ethiopian passport what is the criteria to get the air thicket?