What terminal is Ethiopian Airlines at JFK

Ethiopian Airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia and it operates from Terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Some of the JFK terminal Ethiopian Airlines flights are codeshare flights operated by other airlines. As a consequence, terminal 1 is used for the operations.  

Ethiopian Airlines never misses an opportunity to impress its passengers when it comes to customer service including at airport facilities and in-flight experience. So, let’s check what Ethiopian Airlines has got for you at John F. Kennedy International Airport. 

JFK Ethiopian Terminal 

As mentioned Earlier, Ethiopian Airlines uses Terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. All the arriving and departing flights take place at terminal 1, providing the passengers with facilities such as non-stop flights and on-time arrivals and departures. 

The arrival and departure terminal for codeshare flights of Ethiopian Airlines is Terminal 1. In some cases, the terminal may get changed, for which the passengers are requested to get in touch with their carrier provider at John F. Kennedy International Airport and gather updated information about their reservation. 

Levels at JFK Ethiopian Terminal 

JFK Terminal 8 is the largest terminal, which can handle around 13 Million passengers annually. The terminal consists of two levels, along with two concourses for facilitating the passengers’ experience. So, the levels at JFK Terminal 8 are as follows: 

  • Arrivals Level: The arrivals Level at Terminal 8 provides the passengers with baggage claim facilities, and access to ground transportation including, the AirTrain station, and the United States Customs. 
  • Departures Level: The departure level at Terminal 8 allows the passengers to check in for their flights, and move towards the boarding gates. This level houses two concourses, which are as follows: 
  • Concourse B: Concourse B consists of a total of twelve gates from 1 to 8, 10, 14, and 16. 
  • Concourse C: Concourse C consists of a total of seventeen gates. Passengers can access this concourse via an underground tunnel. 

Facilities Provided at JFK Terminal 8

Facilities Provided at JFK Terminal 8

Now that our passengers are aware of the operating Ethiopian Airlines JFK terminal, it’s important to be aware of the facilities provided at the terminal to the passengers. JFK Terminal 8 is a modern and well-equipped terminal that is primarily used by American Airlines. Nevertheless, it offers a range of services to its passengers, which are as follows:

  • Check-In: To make the check-in process as quick and straightforward as possible, the terminal offers various check-in counters and self-service kiosks. Check-in can also be done online or through the American Airlines app.
  • Security: JFK Terminal 8’s security checkpoint is well-staffed and fast, with many lanes to accommodate a huge flow of travelers.
  • Lounges: Several lounges are available at the terminal, including the American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge, which provides comfortable seats, complimentary snacks and beverages, and free Wi-Fi.
  • Dining: Dining options at JFK Terminal 8 include fast-food eateries, sit-down restaurants, and cafes. Shake Shack, Starbucks, and Bobby Van’s Steakhouse are among the popular selections.
  • Shopping: There is a good assortment of businesses at the airport, including duty-free stores, souvenir shops, and luxury boutiques. Passengers have the option of purchasing anything from electronics to clothing and accessories.
  • Money Exchange: Passengers can exchange foreign money at the terminal’s Travelex currency exchange counter.
  • Baggage Services: JFK Terminal 8 charges a fee for baggage storage and baggage wrapping. Passengers are also welcome to utilize the baggage carts for free.
  • Wi-Fi: The terminal offers free Wi-Fi to passengers, which is accessible throughout the facility.
  • Accessibility: The terminal is entirely accessible to disabled passengers, including accessible parking, facilities, and elevators.

Overall, JFK Terminal 8 provides a variety of amenities to customers, such as speedy check-in, security, lounges, dining, retail, and currency exchange. The terminal is modernly furnished and well-designed, making it a comfortable place to wait for your aircraft.

JFK Airport Information

Airport Name John F. Kennedy International Airport
Airport CodeJFK
JFK Airport AddressQueens, New York 11430
Facebook PageURL
Twitter PageURL

Overview of Terminal 8 at JFK

What are the ways to transfer between Terminals at JFK? 

Transferring between terminals at JFK can be difficult due to the airport’s size and spread. However, travelers have numerous options to make the changeover as smooth as possible:

  1. AirTrain: The AirTrain is a free shuttle service that connects all JFK terminals. Passengers can use the AirTrain to get from one terminal to another without leaving the airport. The AirTrain operates 24 hours a day, every 2-8 minutes, depending on the time of day.

When changing between terminals, some airlines may require passengers to re-check their bags or go through security again, specifically for passengers with connecting flights, which is why it’s important for passengers to check with Ethiopian Airlines ahead of time to avoid any confusion or delays.

Bottom Line 

We hope that this get-to-go guide about what terminal is Ethiopian Airlines helps you access the terminal and its services instantly. Nonetheless, the passengers are requested to get in touch with Ethiopian Airlines customer care representatives in case of any confusion regarding their arriving or departing flights at John. F. Kennedy International Airport. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is Ethiopian Airlines terminal JFK Arrivals?

All the arriving flights of Ethiopian Airlines at John F. Kennedy International Airport take place from Terminal 8. 

Which is the Ethiopian terminal JFK for departures?

Ethiopian Airlines departs from Terminal 8 at John. F Kennedy International Airport. 

What Airlines use Terminal 8 at JFK Airport? 

The two major airlines that co-locate at JFK airport are American Airlines and British Airways. However, airlines such as Ethiopian Airlines also operate from Terminal 8. 

Is Terminal 8 at John F Kennedy International Airport domestic or International?

Terminal 8 at John F Kennedy International Airport operates both domestic and International flights from different airlines. 

How long does it take to get through customs at JFK Terminal 8?

At least 5 minutes are required to get through customs at JFK terminal 8 if the lines are not long enough.

How early should I get to John F Kennedy for my International Ethiopian flight?

The passengers should get at least three hours prior to their International Ethiopian Airlines Flight. 
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