How to Change JetBlue Flight

JetBlue allows you to change flights by providing required credentials like ticket number and last name. The airlines understand that when travel plans change, reservations can too get affected. Hence, it introduces no change or change fee for most fares. JetBlue is an excellent choice if there is a possibility of changes in your plans. Passengers must be aware of a few things to Change JetBlue Flight. For example, passengers must submit their request for change before decided departure time. For this purpose, you must visit the official website and search the relevant page to make changes. You can also change JetBlue Flights by contacting the customer care service. It gets easier to tackle such situations with JetBlue’s flexible flight change policy. 

Guide How to Change JetBlue Flights

Passengers have two options for changing flights. One can use customer care service or can simply make changes by visiting the official website. Check the step-by-step guide for a hassle-free experience.

1. Via Online Method

  • Go to the authorized portal of JetBlue Airlines –
  • Afterwards, click on the option “Manage Trips
  • Now enter asked details and click on the “Continue” button.
  • Navigate the page and click on the option “Manage Flight”. Now, the screen will display your flight information. Choose the option to change JetBlue Flight.
Change JetBlue Flights via online
JetBlue Flights via online

2. JetBlue Customer Service Change Flight

  • There are a few things that are needed to change JetBlue flight i.e. confirmation code and passenger’s last name. 
  • You can either call or chat will the customer care representative. After that, you have to provide reservation details over a call. New itinerary details will be sent to you via provided email.

JetBlue Change Flight Policy

JetBlue Change Flight Policy

The JetBlue Flight Change Policy highly depends on the booked fare option and selected route. There are five different seat classes; Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Plus, and Mint. From this, Blue Basic fare does not comply with the no change fee policy. So, changing flights may levy a penalty fee on the passenger. Therefore, check all the terms and conditions before booking. Moreover, there are options for refundable tickets on selected fares as well. 

JetBlue No-Show Policy

Customers have the option to make changes to flights on the same day if the request is forwarded on the same day before the scheduled departure. If the customer fails to show then the amount will be forfeited in case of non-refundable fares. This will also include the money spent on additional purchases.

JetBlue Change Policy for Different Fares

Check JetBlue Change Policy as per the refundable nature of the ticket. The forfeiture of the ticket amount after changes are done considering the refundable nature.

  1. Nonrefundable Fares
    Changes done on the nonrefundable flight shall be made before departure. Once that’s done, the per-head levied change fee plus the fare difference is to be paid by the passengers. Moreover, the remaining amount is added to the travel credit which can be used for future travel. Passengers can check credit expiry dates by accessing the Travel Bank Account. 
  2. Refundable Fare
    Whereas, refundable fares are subject to change prior to departure with full refund. Changes can be made according to the availability of flights and fare differences. In case, the flight is not canceled or changed before departure then the amount will be added to the JetBlue Travel Credit. 

JetBlue Flight Change Fee

JetBlue Flight Change Fee

JetBlue eliminated the change fee back in 2021. However, it is still levied on some fares like Blue Basic Fares. These fares can vary according to the selected destination and route. There is no JetBlue Flight Change Fee for Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares. The request has to be made before the scheduled departure. Furthermore, the following are charged fees for any change in JetBlue Blue Basic Fare Flight:

DestinationsChange/Cancel Fee (per head)
North America, Central America, or the Caribbean$100
Other Routes$200

How to Avoid JetBlue Flight Change Fee on Blue Basic?

Blue Basic fare passengers have to pay an additional fee for requesting a change in JetBlue flight. However, there is a way to avoid it. JetBlue’s Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel a flight within 24hrs during booking time without any penalty fee. So, the entire ticket will be canceled even if minute changes were required. A new ticket can be booked with the correct input. This is also a way to avoid cancellation fees on JetBlue. You can easily cancel your ticket by clicking on the “Manage Trip” option available on the homepage of the website.

JetBlue Same Day Flight Change Conditions

Additionally, customers can make a same-day switch in case of a sudden change in plans. This option is valid for all fares and customers living in cities where multiple flights take off in a day. Moreover, such changes can be made only on the day of travel starting from midnight. Same-day switch may have you pay a fee of $75 plus, no fare difference is levied. 

Same-day Switch Important Points

  • The option is valid for every fare.
  • Passengers can change their flight either to an earlier flight or a later flight on the day of travel.
  • The chosen destination and origin of the flight should be the same.
  • This option is available only on the day of travel which starts from midnight according to your time zone. 
  • The Mosaic customers of JetBlue Airlines do not pay any same-day switch fee. Similarly, no fee is levied on refundable fares.

On the other hand, Standby Travel is not guaranteed as it depends on the availability of seats. Like Same-day Switch, customers will be subject to an additional fee of $75 but no fare difference is levied.

Standby Travel Important Points

  • The fee will be refunded if your standby flight is not confirmed. 
  • Standby travel is not listed over the phone or online. 
  • The origin and destination of the standby travel must be the same as before.
  • For Even More Space Seat, the seat fee will be forfeited and there will be no refund.
  • The option is not valid for customers living in cities where one flight takes off in a day. 
  • JetBlue Mint customers are informed that while choosing the standby option, the same seat is not guaranteed. In addition, the customer is liable to a fee and there will be no refund for the mint seat if any other seat is assigned. 
  • Only one passenger is enough to request standby but all need to be present at the time of check-in.
  • Mosaic Customers and Passengers with refundable tickets do not have to pay the fee for standby.

Changing JetBlue Flight Booked with Points

Except for Blue Basic Fare, every fare can be booked with points. Hence, you can easily change or change your flight without any penalty fee. In case, the new flight costs you more points then passengers have to pay the difference in points. Alternatively, if the new flight costs fewer points then the remaining points will go back to the original account

Similar to the aforementioned flights, JetBlue Flight Booked with Points can be changed on the same day of travel. The passenger will not have to bear any fare difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to change the flight return date on JetBlue?

There is no fee for changes made to JetBlue Flights except the Blue Basic fare.

Can I change my JetBlue flight for free?

You can change JetBlue flight without any fee as long as it’s not Blue Basic Fare. You also have the option to cancel the flight for free within 24hr of booking.

Can I change my flight for free within 24 hours?

Yes, you have to cancel your entire flight within 24 hours of booking.

Can I change my flight date on the same day?

Yes, You can change your JetBlue flight on the same day.

What are flight change fees?

The change fee is $100 within North America, Central America, or the Caribbean &  $200 for other locations.

Can we cancel the flight ticket one day?

Passengers have the option to cancel the flight on the same day with JetBlue Airlines.
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