What Terminal is KLM at Los Angeles Airport LAX

 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses the Tom Bradley terminal or TBIT at the Los Angeles Airport. This is an international terminal that is equipped with a centrally located hall (Great Hall) that has a variety of amenities including shops and various dining options. Timely renovations and add-ons keep occurring at the Tom Bradley to offer a premium experience to guests visiting here. 

It is also essential to confirm from your boarding pass what terminal is KLM at LAX since the airline changes terminals for various reasons. While this article consists of the whereabouts of all the services offered by KLM Dutch Airlines at LAX.  

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Contact Information

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport CodeLAX
Airport Addresswww.flylax.com
Facebook PageURL
Twitter PageURL

KLM Terminal LAX Office And Services Location 

KLM Terminal LAX Office And Services Location 

Los Angeles Airport is one of the major international airports in the city. It not only serves the region but is also a hub for nearby area passengers. KLM Airlines passengers can visit this airport for boarding their planes from Los Angeles. 

KLM Airlines flights are scheduled to take off or arrive at the Tom Bradley terminal at LAX. It is also referred to as TBIT or terminal B. The airport terminal number is (800) 225-2525.  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines passengers will find the services and counters at the following address. 

KLM Departures at LAX Terminal 

The KLM Airlines departing flights take off from terminal B or Tom Bradley of the Los Angeles Airport. The boarding gateways are present at Level 4. Complete the formalities from the counters situated at other levels and move to this platform via an escalator. 

KLM LAX Terminal Arrivals 

The passengers arriving at Los Angeles Airport will land at Terminal B. You can move to the parking area to drive back to your place or book a taxi/cab for the next destination. You can also freshen and enjoy a light meal from the restaurants and shops present at the LAX KLM Terminal. 

Check-in Counter for KLM Airlines Passengers at Los Angeles Airport 

The KLM Airlines check-in counter is at Level 3 on Terminal B of LAX. You can also use the kiosk as an alternative and print your board pass quickly. The line is comparatively smaller here and it is easy to access. Log in with the booking confirmation, and other identification details like name, confirm the flight summary, add any service if required, and finally command it to print the pass. Make sure there is no spelling error before clicking on the print button. 

Los Angeles Terminal KLM Baggage Counter

The KLM Airlines baggage claim is present at Level 1 of the Tom Bradley terminal. Pick or submit the bags as per your flight schedule (arrival or departure). Leave your checked bags with the tags and move ahead towards the boarding gateway to enter the flight on time without the chaos of delayed entries. Remember to check the time mentioned by KLM Airlines of how early you should visit the boarding gate. 

Other Amenities at Los Angeles Airport 

The Los Angeles Airport is a prominent airport and witnesses high traffic on a daily basis. During seasons, it is over-occupied and crowded. In order to ensure passengers’ comfort at any given time, the airport offers several amenities. The shops and restaurants have been previously mentioned. Take a look at other facilities that you can use at the Los Angeles or LAX  airport. Some of them are free. 

  • WiFi 
  • Shuttle Bus (LAX FlyAway Bus)
  • Parking 
  • Pet Relief Areas 
  • Nursing stations 
  • Lost and Found
  • ATM 
  • Currency Exchange counters 
  • Restrooms 
  • Escalators 

Overview of Los Angeles Airport


The passengers can find the recent flight updates on what terminal is KLM at LAX. Use the information and reach there early and board the flight easily. You can grab snacks or drink beverages from the food outlets or catch on some window shopping before the flight departure announcement. Make sure to arrive early as it is a protocol by the airline and latecomers are denied entry once the boarding gates are closed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is KLM in LAX?

 KLM Airlines is at terminal B or Tom Bradley.

Is LAX Tom Bradley terminal for international flights?

The Tom Bradley terminal at Los Angeles Airport is used for international flights, takeoffs, and arrivals.

How big is LAX Airport?

The LAX or Los Angeles International Airport is approximately 700 acres big.

How many Terminals are there at LAX airport?

There are nine terminals at LAX Airport. They are numbered in sequence of 1,3,4,5,6,7,8. The 2-number terminal is missing and is instead known as the Tom Bradley terminal. 
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6 months ago

which floor is connector TBIT with T3?

seo 026
seo 026
6 months ago
Reply to  Darius

Terminal 3: Near gate 21A on level 2