Is Play Airlines A Good Airline

Play Airlines is a fairly good airline given the low-cost fares and the safety it offers. It is a very young airline but has managed to impress its passengers by its services. Comfortable and spacious seatings in the Airbus aircraft series are offered to ensure a convenient experience for the passengers. 

 Although, some might disagree as it misses a bunch of facilities like WiFi and in-flight entertainment services. The answer to  Is Play Airlines a good airline can be different according to your expectations. However, according to the prices and the recent launch of the airline, it is doing significantly great. Compare the prices and expectations to decide if or not is Play a good airline. 

Why Are Passengers Liking Play Airlines? 

Why Are Passengers Liking Play Airlines

Fly Play Airlines receives good ratings for its affordable prices and services. It was recently launched in 2021 and has earned a nice reputation for safely flying passengers with convenient services and facilities. Even more, the addition of new features is also expected as the airline plans to expand its operations. 

Arnar Már Magnússon and Sveinn Ingi Steinþórsson are the founders of  Fly Play Airlines who started the airline with a vision to make air travel affordable yet good. It is popularly known as Play and is based out of Iceland. It started its operations in 2021. With the founders and management prior experience in the aviation industry, they plan to successively lead an airline with reasonable prices. The results are even significant within a short span of two years. 

Currently, Play Airlines flies to North America, Europe, and Iceland regions. The services are liked by passengers and the reviews are also positive about the airlines. While there are a few limitations that are highlighted in the next upcoming points. So it is a mix and match of good and bad, and passengers must calculate and compare the benefits over cons before purchasing the flight tickets. Let’s overview the factors and reasons that help us understand why is fly play a good airline.

Fleet Type and Seats of Play Airlines

Fleet Type and Seats of Play Airlines

Play Airlines fleet includes Airbus 320 and 321 neo aircraft. These are regularly maintained and repaired to avoid mid-air crises. It is one of the popular airplanes that offer good luxurious features and a convenient travel experience. Play Airlines being a low-cost airline offers limited facilities but the quality of the few is maintained certainly as per the price evaluation. 

The seats of the Play Airlines are comfortable and 29 to 30 inches wide. There are options for additional leg space and width extending up to a few more inches. The airline also allows booking additional seats for a heavy instrument or bag which can otherwise not fit in the same cabin seat or for comfortable travel with an infant. There are not too many cabin types and seating options due to the low-cost nature of the airline and you can choose between the standard or the extra spaced seats. 

Affordable Prices and Quality of Services 

Play Airlines services and flights are generally affordable for the passengers if you do not require additional facilities like bags and others. The prices of these services are not included and can raise the overall cost. But, if the ticket prices and the individual cost of the services are calculated, then it is actually cheap. According to your needs and requirements, you can evaluate the expense for your trip and know if it is a reasonable option for you or not. 

Surprisingly, the airline offers one personal item for free but the Play Airlines checked bag is applicable for an extra fee. Other facilities apart from the main transportation fee are eligible for an additional cost. 

WiFi and Other Additional Facilities

WiFi and Other Additional Facilities

The absence of WiFi, in-flight services, and a few other essential necessities in today’s world are the cons of Play Airlines. If you do not require these services and are still considering the airline due to the low prices, then it is a good airline. At least, for shorter distances, where the entertainment options can be skipped or you can use a small alternative for this, then again, it is a great option. Also, there are chances that as the airline grows its operations, it might add these facilities in order to compete with other airlines. 

WiFi and the lack of a few other services can be quite disappointing but a little adjustment for cheaper prices can keep the budget intact. Also, the services present or offered are of good quality. Hence, depending on your needs, the answer to, “is Play Airlines a good airline” might vary a bit. 

Play Airlines Safety Record

Play Airlines safety record is too early to judge but as of now, the airline has maintained a good journey experience with no accidents or risky situations. Even the passengers have reviewed that despite the low prices and the limited facilities, the airline’s safety record and experience is really good and reliable. In two years of time span, Play Airline is a safe airline and has a clean record and it has not witnessed any bad or major accidents. 

Destinations and Routes for Play Airlines

Play Airlines fly to more than 36 destinations across Europe, Iceland, and the North American region. There are long to short-distance routes that are covered by the airline. Prices for all destinations are comparatively cheaper and that is why so many people have shown interest in its services. The current scheduled routes and destinations are registered on the airline. A few flights might be offered by the connecting airlines. Track the prices accordingly and weigh the expense and availability of the desired location.

Complimentary Services

Play Airlines does not offer any additional services or frills like food, WiFi, or entertainment on-board. Services like carry-on and checked bags are eligible for an additional fee. Play Airlines has not introduced many features as it is still in the initial phase of its operations, but even if added, the charges will most probably be additional for all the services. As the airline keeps the prices low by excluding the cost of these services and believes in charging for the only facilities that you use and enjoy. Hence, the scope of complimentary services apart from a few very essential things like the carrying of a personal item and medical devices. 

Play Airlines Staff and Crew Performance

Play Airlines Staff and Crew Performance

Helpful and supportive are the adjectives used to define the staff and crew services by most of the passengers. The risk-handling ability of the crew and pilots determines the safety factor to a large extent. Indeed, the good safety record shows the performance of the Play Airlines staff and onboard crew. 

The CEO and other management members of the airline are also experienced in handling international airlines and operations in the aviation industry. The overall ratings of Play Airlines and its staff is good up till now. If the protocols and guidelines are monitored and followed with the same discipline, then even in the future, Play Airlines can be a good airline option to fly to various regions. The list of destinations might also increase. 

Play Airlines Contact Details

Airlines HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland


With the launch of Play Airlines, a low-cost airline flying to regions of Europe, Iceland, and North America, people have shown keen interest to know if is Play Airlines a good airline. It offers reasonable rates and good quality services. The passengers have also rated and reviewed it as nice. Review the pros and cons of Play Airlines and decide if it is a good option for your next trip. Also, compare the prices and the set of services mentioned in the above passage with other alternative airlines. 

Overview of Play Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Play a good airline?

Play Airlines is a good option for passengers who are searching for a budget-friendly trip.

Is Play Airlines a good airline with WiFi?

WiFi and in-flight entertainment facilities are not available in Play Airlines flights.

Does Play Airlines offer complimentary?

Complimentary services are not available at Play Airlines due to cheap ticket prices that do not include the additional service charges.  
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