Does Spirit Airlines have Wifi

Yes, there is Wifi on Spirit airlines. Additional charges are applied to access the Wifi.  Since Spirit believes no customer must pay for others, wifi is an add on. The internet packs offered by the airline are according to the passengers’ needs varying from basic chat to downloading speed.

Moreover, The services are absolutely customizable. Every service from baggage to wifi is an add on to the seat purchased.. Though Spirit airlines doesn’t have free wifi, it is very feasible. To extend their customization option, the airline offers two options within wifi, namely browsing and streaming. Define your requirements and purchase the Wifi service based on the below categories.

How Much is WiFi On Spirit Airlines?

Since the internet data and speed requirements  are different in both scenarios, The payment charged by the airlines even differs. So, based on the total distance, the prrice category is below on how much the wifi on spirit airlines cost. 

Wifi Browsing costs:$3.99 to $11.99.

Wifi for streaming cost ranges from $6.99 to 14.99. 

Passengers can buy the above any of the two categories online anytime. Even optuon to purchase after boarding is also available. Check how to buy Wifi on Spirit Airlines.

How to Buy WiFi on Spirit Airlines?

How to Buy WiFi on Spirit Airlines
  • Before Boarding 

Pre purchase the wifi while booking the seat to get wifi on Spirit airline. A Wifi symbol reflects under the A la Smarte option. The prices are also mentioned alongside, select the option and pay for the total charges including the wifi service. 

Else, a link is attached with the booking confirmation to purchase the wifi on spirit airlines.

  • Post Boarding 

The following steps are a guide to how to get in flight wifi on spirit airlines. 

Visit and choose ‘I have a voucher’.

Next, choose the preferred wifi service among the available options and pay accordingly.

How to Use Spirit Airlines Wifi?

How to Use Spirit Airlines Wifi

Once boarded on the plane, there are three different ways to connect with the Spirit Wifi. Read the steps to know how to get wifi on Spirit Airlines:

Direct Connect

  1. Switch on airplane mode. 
  2. Connect to Spirit_Wifi by locating the wifi through your device. 


Portable devices can scan the QR code stuck on the seat back, tray table , food and beverages packages. 

This will redirect to

  • Visit and choose ‘I have a voucher’.
  • Next, write  the code as instructed and activate the wifi. 

These are the same steps for inflight wifi purchase. Ones who have already purchased can enter their code and enjoy the access to wifi.

(Pre-write the code aside as before wifi there will be no access to email and other apps.)

Not free, but Affordable! 

Spirit ensures its promise of being an ultra low cost airline by reducing additional cost by terming services of general use. Hence, Spirit does not have wifi added in the ticket cost. Passengers based on their individual requirements can customize the services and pay accordingly. 

Spirit airline Wifi Installation Guide

Spirit Airlines Wi-Fi Related (FAQs)

Does Spirit have free Wi-Fi?

Spirit Airlines does not include WiFi charges in the ticket fee to keep the prices low. It is an additional service that passengers need to buy.

How good is the Wi-Fi on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit WiFi offers a decent speed. Moreover, you can buy the internet data as per the speed and the requirement varying from basic chat to browsing and downloading. 

Can I buy Spirit WiFi after boarding the flight?

Scan the bar code on the food tray or at the seat back to purchase the Spirit WiFi on board.
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