How to Upgrade Seat on Spirit Airlines

To upgrade seats on spirit airlines either upgrade it on current bookings or else modify the seat during the check-in. Either of the options can be used by Spirit passengers based on the time left for departure. The charges will also vary based on the timing left for the departure. 

The upgrade offers Big Front Seats with extra leg Space and more comfortable seats. The prices are always reflected beside the seating type. To get the offers, it is best to purchase the Big Front Seat while booking with Spirit Airlines. Anyways,  last minute bookings are equally worth it. 

How to Upgrade the Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines?

How to Upgrade the Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines

The question is how to upgrade seats on Spirit Airlines. Firstly check the timeline in which you fall to decide which method of upgrading to adopt. 

My Trips 

24 hours or more before departure: Passengers whose departure time is more than 24 hours must upgrade the seat through the ‘ My Trips” tab on the official page. 

How to Use My Trips?

  1. Visit the official page or use the Spirit App. Else, use the app to upgrade the seat. 
  2. A yellow tab will be visible highlighting a bunch of options. 
  3. My Trips is the second option, next to the Book Option. 
  4. Select the My Trips section and it will redirect you to the login page. 
  5. Two options will appear, enter the details in the ‘Find my Trip’ section.
  6. It asks for the last name and confirmation number 

(Confirmation number can be found in the booking confirmation email).

  1. On entering the details, the section offers options to purchase extras and upgrades. 
  2. Select the upgrade option, and upgrade the seat accordingly. 
  3. It will reflect the additional price to be paid beside the seating option. 
  4. Select the seat and pay the price accordingly.

Remember:This option is valid for passengers with 24 Hours or more departure time.

Upgrade while you Check-In

Passengers who are going to depart in less than 24 hours must upgrade their seats on spirit airlines while checking-in.  Upgrade is possible even before an hour of departure when a lot of passengers check-in. 

The only condition is there must be availability of the seats in the cabin. The late upgrades can be expensive as compared to the early purchases. 

Passengers can check-in online and offline both. While confirming the last step of the Check-in process, seat upgrade and other extras are available for purchase. Individuals can upgrade their seat through the available options. 

Initial process for check in is the same by entering the details, later upgrade and other benefits are add-ons for people to avail before the flight takes off. 

Save Your Extra Bucks! 

Passengers willing to upgrade their seat type can upgrade the seat online to save some extra bucks with the discounts available online. The above options are completely detailed on how to upgrade the spirit airlines seats. Also, the seat availability is the final decision maker if the last minute upgrade request will be approved. If the exact seat isn’t available the airline might offer a similar alternative. 

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