How to Use Spirit Airlines WiFi

Spirit Airlines claims to offer an advanced, yet affordable internet connection. Purchase and then connect with the WiFi on board to use Spirit Airlines WiFi. There is no complicated way required to connect with the Spirit Airlines WiFi. Follow a few steps after to get and use WiFi on Spirit Airlines from various mediums available to purchase. Post the purchase, you shall be eligible to use Spirit Airlines WiFi. The only effort required on the flyer’s end would be to connect their personal devices with the airline WiFi after boarding the plane. The steps to connect are detailed in the following content. 

Steps to Connect to the Spirit Airlines WiFi?

Steps to Connect to the Spirit Airlines WiFi

Following are the listed ways that can be used to connect with the Spirit Airlines WiFi. Use the QR method if the device does not connect directly after enabling WiFi settings.

Direct Connect/ Website

  • Firstly, turn on the Airplane mode on the respective devices. 
  • Next visit the settings or the shortcut icons in the device and enable the WiFi. 
  • The WiFi will automatically detect the available WiFi in the aircraft. 
  • Choose ”Spirit_WiFi”. 
  • The WiFi will lead to the  Spirits WiFi website on the browser. If not, then simply type in the browser and the page will reflect the details.
  • Enter the details of the purchase or the voucher code to receive accessibility to the WiFi.

Scan the Code 

  • Instead of typing or connecting the WiFi from the settings section, simply scan the QR code. 
  • The QR code is available in front of the seat, food and snacks packaging. 
  • Open the scanner in the device and scan the WiFi. 
  • After scanning, the link to the website will be redirected on the browser. 
  • Enter the required details of the purchase or the voucher and connect to the WiFi of Spirit Airlines. 

Concluding (More About Spirit Airlines WiFi)

Passengers who are looking for an affordable trip can rely on Spirit Airlines. It is best for those who do not require additional services like baggage allowance, WiFi,etc. As additional fees for the non included services could increase the cost. However, mere WiFi service that is offered at a cheap rate can not raise the cost too much. Spirit Airlines does have WiFi service with various internet plans that will keep the prices in budget. There are packs for streaming and browsing separately, that allows passengers to pay for what and how much they use. So, overall a budget friendly travel with the entertainment services assured with WiFi can be planned with Spirit Airlines.

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