Does Spirit Airlines Have First Class

No, Spirit doesn’t offer first class as it is an ultra-low-cost airline. Yet, to extend comfort, Big Front Seats are designed with more leg space and other amenities.

Hence, Big Front Seat is an alternative for passengers searching if or not Spirit Airline offers first-class seatings. Read below what does Spirit Airlines offers as an alternative to first-class seatings.

Big Front Spirit Airlines Are Alternatives to First Class Seats?

It is true that Spirit Airlines does not have a first class section. But with extra and more comfortable seating than its basics with a feasible amount, it guarantees exactly what the majority of passengers want. Each service apart from the ticket booked  is an additional expense. Spirit Airline does have WiFi and charges extra for the same. 

Passengers enjoy 6 inches additional leg space along with 36  inches length and 18.5 inches width of comfort. Check out the price of the Big Front seats.

Costs of Big Front Seats

Spirit offers Big Front seating with some additional cost. The charges may differ varying on the total distance. A customer can directly purchase the big front seat while booking or request for an upgrade. 

Costs of Pre Purchase

Even here, Spirit airline appreciates the opportunity graber and charges less for direct purchase. The charges range from 1$-$200 for direct purchase of the Big Front Seat.

Costs of Updating

Else, for last moments onboarding upgrades, the seats will be available for around $12-$750. 

Indeed, this feasible cost is compensation for Spirit airlines not having first class. 

Is Spirit’s BIG FRONT SEAT Worth It? (Explanation Through Tutorial)


This article informs passengers that Spirit Airlines does not have first class seatings. Spirit Passengers to enjoy the extra comfort at affordable cost must book online the Big Front seats while reserving the flight. If you intend on booking the WiFi on Spirit Airlines, check this to learn how to get Wifi on Spirit Airlines. Even Spirit Airlines suggests purchasing and booking online due to better availability of offers and discounts.

FAQs Related to Does Spirit Airlines Have First Class (Big Front Seat)

What is a premium seat on Spirit Airlines? 

There is no premium seat on Spirit Airlines. It is an ultra cheap flight that has a limited bunch of services. Book the Big Front Seats to enjoy a wider seat when flying with the airline. 

Is the Big Front Seats Worth it? 

Big Front seats are worth it in the sense that it is the best  alternative to a higher class seating. Due to its cheap prices, you get wide seats and some extra spaces as compared to the basic economy for additional charges. 

Does Spirit have priority seating?

Yes, you can choose a preferred seat for Spirit Airline but for additional charges. Any service beyond the ticket price is chargeable by the airline. The price for preferred priority seatings varies on the basis of the fare type, route and total distance. 

Is there business class on Spirit Airlines? 

No, there are no higher class cabins on Spirit Airlines. The only alternative which is better than the basic economy seating is the Big Front Seat.
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