Where Does Air Canada Fly in Italy

Air Canada flies to a bunch of destinations in Italy. Italy is known for its art and culture. Tourism is one of its strongest sources of Income. Also, Italy is the first largest region in Europe and ranks as the fifth most popular in the world.

All airlines plan and develop their route as per passengers’ needs and market demand. Italy must be on the bucket list of many travelers. Indeed, Air Canada flies to major cities of Italy offering a network to travelers to view and enjoy the scenic beauty of Italy. Also, it is a place for businessmen or traders that sell the arts and handicrafts of Italy. Keep reading the following content to determine where does Air Canada fly in Italy.

Which Cities Does Air Canada Flies in Italy?

Italy is a country in Europe where Air Canada flies to destinations. In total, there are more than 85 locations covered by Air Canada in Europe. Italy is one of these 85 places.

Air Canada is the largest national air carrier in Canada. It has established its roots in the entire world by creating a strong network of routes. Its fleet is also qualified to fly a huge number of passengers on a daily basis. 

It has headquarters in Montreal and overall 75 airports in Canada. Its 500 aircraft fly on a daily basis from these airports. The number of flights flown by Air Canada could rise if the code-shared flights are counted. 

Italy has various schedules for the year 2023. All recent flight routes are listed on the Air Canada website. Also, while booking you can check the airport from where Air Canada flights operate in Italy. Citizens of Italy can explore other destinations that Air Canada flies to in Asia, Africa, and other places in the world. From the Respective locations and airports listed below the airlines flies to and from Italy.

BalgonaGuglielmo Marconi
CataniaCatania/ Fontanarossa
ForliForli Airport
Lamezia TermeLamezia Terme International
MilanMalpensa, Linate
NaplesNaples International
PisaPisa International
RomeFiumicino International
TriesteFriuli Venezia Giulia
TurinCaselle International
VeniceMarco Polo


Air Canada flies more than 51 million passengers. Its passengers are from various locations in the six continents of the world. Overall, Air Canada does fly to more than 220 locations and the regions within these 220 places. Its fleet offers various seating options that ensure comfort while flying.

Also, there will be non-stop flights for locations with long distances. It helps save time wasted while waiting at stayover airports. Those who would like to rest and stay at locations before reaching the final destination must book interconnected flights.

Visit the booking site on the official website or the mobile application of Air Canada Airlines and book the flight among the options available. The pricing varies based on the seating or fare type. Filters can be applied to choose the seat, like selecting the first class seat to view prices only for the specific seat type.


Where does Air Canada fly in Italy?

Air Canada flies to a total of 22 destinations in Italy.

How do I call Air Canada from Italy?

Call 1-866-529-2079 to connect with Air Canada customer support from Italy.

How to Book flights for Italy on Air Canada?

Call, Visit the website, offline ticket counter, or use the mobile application to book flights for Air Canada tickets.
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