How Do I Get a Refund From Ethiopian Airlines

Raise a request to get a refund from Ethiopian Airlines. The refund can be processed via offline and online mediums. The refundable amount is subject to various factors like the travel class, time of cancellation, destination, and others. Depending upon your payment type like cash or online, you can use the online and offline features assigned for the refund procedure.

Step By Step Guide To Get Ethiopian Airlines Refund 

Ethiopian Airlines takes up to 3-4 weeks to refund the amount during the heavy traffic due to COVID-19. Visit the website online or the ticket counter and follow these steps to get a refund from Ethiopian Airlines using any medium.

Ethiopian Airlines Online Refund System 

Ethiopian Airlines’ Passengers who have booked the tickets online via a mobile application or website can apply for refunds online. 

1. Visit the official website or the Ethiopian Mobile App.

2. Select the Manage Booking option on the Home Page.

3. Next, a new page will appear asking you to log in.

4. Enter your Last name and Booking reference number.

5. Click on Retrieve Booking.

6. Your Flight Details will be reflected on the screen.

7. Besides, there will be other options like Cancellation, Exchange.

8. Follow the instructions and raise a refund request accordingly.

The Booking Reference number is also known as PNE, Reference Number, and Record Locator. It is a six-digit code number that is unique to each booking. Check your E-ticket or the booking confirmation to find the Ethiopian Airline reference number.

Ethiopian Airlines Offline Refund Procedure 

This Ethiopian Airlines offline refund process is applicable for passengers who booked via a cash payment or bank deposit. Simply connect to the nearest office of the airline and inform the staff about the same.

Do remember to carry all the essential documents like identity proof and other booking relevant papers. Keep your booking reference number handy to easily share your details with the staff. 

Travel Agents can also use this method for their clients who have purchased the ticket in exchange for cash or bank deposit. 

Contact Details of Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines Bahrain Office AddressBahrain Old Chamber of Commerce & Industry 32 Bldg 1
22 Road 1605 Manama Town 316 Bahrain
Working Hours24 Hours
Facebook PageURL
Twitter Page URL

 Ethiopian Airlines Refund Terms and Conditions

Passengers who have or are going to raise a refund request must remember all these terms and conditions. 

  • Full information with name and booking reference must be given to complete the form.
  • According to Ethiopian Airlines Refund Policy, a NO Show fee is charged on tickets with refund requests raised during or after the flight departure.
  • Passengers who paid via cash or bank deposits must apply for refunds by visiting the nearest Ethiopian Airline office. 
  • Directly connect to the office for refund details for bookings done by a travel agent.
  • Use the Manage Booking Tab to get refunds online on a mobile application or website.
  • You can also save the refundable amount as a travel credit for later use. This credit is valid for a duration of one year from the date of booking.
  • The entire journey will be canceled by the airline.
  • No cancellation and refund requests can be taken back or reversed.
  • The full amount is redeposited for flight cancellations by Ethiopian Airlines.
  • It might take Ethiopian Airlines 3-4 weeks for refunds due to heavy cancellations due to instances like COVID-19. 


Simply enter your booking details with the Last name in the Manage Booking section to raise a refund request on the Ethiopian Airlines website or mobile application. Hopefully, by now, with the above-guided steps, you have found your answer to, ‘How do I get a refund from Ethiopian Airlines? If you have bookings made via a travel agent, make sure to contact them on time and confirm all the details to get the eligible amount as per the Ethiopian Airlines refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Ethiopian Airlines give refunds? 

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines allows refunds on its flight tickets. The rule varies for each travel class.

Is there a cancellation fee on Ethiopian Airlines? 

A fee or fine is applied on flights canceled within less than 24 hours of departure. A No Show fine is deducted.

How long does it take to get a refund from Ethiopian Airlines?

After raising the refund request, the procedure begins. While it can take up to 3-4 weeks when cancellations are high in number like it was during COVID.
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