Does Ethiopian Airlines have WiFi

Yes, there is WiFi on Majority of the Ethiopian Airlines flights. On all its A350, B777 and 787, the internet facility is surely available. There might be only a few flights that are not equipped with the service. The WiFi availability information is given with the flight details. You can book accordingly.

Since your worry about whether Is there WiFi on Ethiopian Airlines. Let’s deep dive more into the details of the internet access price and quality. Also, check the steps on how to connect to the WiFi.

Easily Connect To Ethiopian Airlines WiFi 

Easily Connect to Ethiopian Airlines WiFi 

Ethiopian Airlines offers WiFi which is also popularly known as Sheba Sky Connect. It offers a decent quality speed. You can not expect to watch movies and other shows using this internet connectivity. Yet it is good for emailing, messaging, or browsing purposes. The prices of the internet connection vary according to the number of hours. There are data packs available for specific time durations. 

Ethiopian Airlines ShebaMiles Platinum members enjoy free access to the internet for an hour. Others can buy it for a very minimal price. The cost of the WiFi varies for different hours. Check the Ethiopian Airlines internet data packs that enable you to enjoy the WiFi on board.

  1. Ethiopian Airlines for 1-hour costs 5 USD.
  2. 9 USD is charged for 2 hours of WiFi access.
  3. While you can enjoy Ethiopian Airlines WiFi for the entire journey at 25 U.S. dollars. 

How To Buy Ethiopian Airlines WiFi?

Passengers can buy the WiFi at the check-in counter, and boarding gate. Nowadays, Ethiopian Airlines Internet access is also open for sale on board. Choose your preferred internet plan and pay via cash or credit card to the cabin crew present on the flight.

How To Connect to Ethiopian Airlines WiFi, Sheba Sky Connect?

Connect to the internet on board to enjoy the connectivity on the Ethiopian Airlines flight. Follow these steps one by one to connect to the WiFi service. 

  • Turn on the Airplane mode.
  • Next, Enable the WiFi finder on your phone.
  • Select ETinternet from the available networks list.
  • It will redirect you to the portal.
  • Fill in the details like name and Booking reference number.
  • Confirm the information and easily connect to Ethiopian Airlines Sheba SkyConnect WiFi.

Remember to deactivate the updates option in your personal device to avoid wastage of internet data and speed.

Alongside, there are a few more rules you should be familiar with when buying Ethiopian Airlines WiFi.

Terms And Conditions For Ethiopian Airlines Internet Connectivity 

Terms and Conditions for Ethiopian Airlines Internet Connectivity 

Before purchasing Ethiopian Airlines WiFi, take a look at all the terms and conditions that are defined by the airline to maintain discipline and ensure no form of inconvenience to its users.

  • The Ethiopian Airlines WiFi users must have an account with the airline.
  • He/she should be more than 18 years of the legal age of the region to be able to hold an account and access the WiFi services.
  • The Ethiopian Airlines WiFi is not transferable.
  • The passengers should agree to the privacy terms and conditions.
  • The account and password details should not be shared with anyone leading to a breach of contract. As this service is for individual purposes. 
  • You are liable for all events that include loss of data, theft, or any other harmful activities caused on your account due to sharing of the account details.
  • The airlines should not be held accountable for infringement of data or even what the third parties show while using the internet service.
  • Since Ethiopian Airlines WiFi is best for email and browsing purposes, it has the right to modify the service or limit its use as per the requirement. 

These all terms and conditions stated above are valid since the moment of registration with the airline. It is advised to read all these very carefully in order to know all the acts considered as offenses. Also, what are the events that Ethiopian Airlines don’t take any responsibility for?

You will have to agree to these conditions to be able to hold an account and access the WiFi service on board. 

Key Takeaways

Passengers who wish to stay connected from the outside world while on board can first confirm does  Ethiopian Airlines have WiFi for their flight. Choose the flight that has internet access. You can buy it anytime after booking the ticket, from the check-in counter, departure gateway, and on the flight. Nowadays, WiFi can be purchased after boarding the flight. Cash and credit cards are the mode of payment accepted on board. Pay the flight crew to gain access and enjoy the connectivity on board. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ethiopian Airlines have free WiFi?

Ethiopian Airlines WiFi is an additional service and must be paid to gain access on board. The platinum members can use it for an hour for free.

How much is the WiFi on Ethiopian flights?

Ethiopian Airlines WiFi costs range between 5 USD to 25 USD. It is sold on an hourly basis.

Does Ethiopian Airlines have WiFi on the plane?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines offer WiFi onboard. It is known as Sheba Sky Connect. 

Who can use Ethiopian Airlines WiFi for free? 

Ethiopian Airlines WiFi is free for the Sheba Miles platinum members for complete one hour. 

Does Ethiopian Airlines have WiFi inflight? 

Yes, the majority of Ethiopian Airlines are equipped with WiFi services. Passengers can check the availability in the flight details and further book the ticket. 
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