How Much is Extra Baggage on Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines allows free carry and checked bags on its flight up to a certain permissible limit. The baggage allowance norms are different based on the travel class and the destination. Items or bags exceeding the defined limit are payable under the extra baggage policy. 

Ethiopian Airlines’ baggage policy is very flexible. Despite being a low-cost airline, it does not charge a fee for carrying a bunch of bags and items. There are very few chances of entering the excess baggage category until you pack the bag as per the norms of the airline. With the next passage, you will have a much clearer idea about how much extra baggage is on Ethiopian Airlines. 

Overall Review of Ethiopian Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance 

Overall Review of Ethiopian Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance 

According to Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy, bags should be exact to fit easily in the overhead cabin or the storage space. Each travel class passenger can carry bags for free of specific dimensions. If the dimensional limit exceeds, then the airline charges an additional fee for the excess baggage. 

Find the allowed limit for different ticket types and the destinations which you do not exceed. Otherwise, bags will be chargeable for exceeding the limit in terms of quantity or dimensions stated as per the Ethiopian Baggage allowance.  

Carry on Baggage 

Economic Class passengers can carry a checked bag of 7 kg along with an additional personal item of up to 5 kg or any essential device like a wheelchair, prosthetics, braces, and others. No item or bag should be more than 23×40×55  or 115 (cm).

The Business class or the Cloud nine passengers can carry two handbags with a maxim weight limit of 7 kg each and size of 115The additional personal item or the essential item is the same as above.

Star Gold members in business or first class can carry two pieces of 7 kgs each and dimensions equal or less than 115 cm. 

Checked Baggage

Ethiopian Airlines passengers can carry up to 23 kgs of two bags for Economy class. The maximum dimensions of the bag should be 62 inches. 

While the Cloud Nine Business members can carry 2 bags of 32 kgs or 3 bags of 23 kgs. 

Passengers of the U.S. and Canada routes with Shebamiles Gold memberships are entitled to the 32 kg weight and 62 inches size limit bags or items. This one bag is in addition to the two bags mentioned above.

Similarly, the Shebamiles Silver members enjoy the extra baggage capacity of 62 inches permitted. 

Lastly, the Star Gold members are permitted to carry one extra bag of varying weight limits depending on the travel class.  While the size should not exceed more than 62 inches. 

Infants Baggage Allowance 

Infants Baggage Allowance 

Infants in the age group between 2-11 are entitled to the same free baggage allowance as the adults in both categories. 

While 0-2 years old infants are allowed 10 kg each piece under the weight system along with a stroller or baby car. While as per the piece system, the infant can carry 23 kgs of pc. 

For flights to and from the United States and Canada, 

How Much Does Ethiopian Airlines Charge for Excess Baggage? 

Ethiopian Airlines charges an additional fee beginning from $60 to $250 dollars based on the exceeding dimensions for each travel class and the routes. Here are the prices applicable for carrying items or bags exceeding the permissible limit set by Ethiopian Airlines.

Passengers flying to and from Newark, Addis Ababa, Washington DC, New York, and Chicago to the Middle East and Asia are liable to pay 200 dollars for excess baggage up to 23 kg. 

If the number of pieces is valid for free baggage allowance but the weight is more than 23 kg and less than 32 kg in Economy class, then the airline charges 60 dollars for each bag.

250 dollars is payable for routes to and from the United States and Canada for bags overweighing or exceeding the size limit.

Contact Ethiopian Airport Office

The exact pricing of the excess baggage is determined by the Ethiopian Airlines staff of each route or destination you will be flying from. Dial the respective local airport office of Ethiopian Airlines and inform them about the items or bags that are over exceeding the limit and confirm the prices and pay accordingly. 

Overall Summary 

Ethiopian Airlines uses the piece or the weight system to calculate the free bags allowed for each passenger based on the travel class and the route. You can determine the rules applicable to your ticket. Pack your bags accordingly and make sure to tightly wrap the sharp or irregular-shaped items. As per your ticket, how much extra baggage on Ethiopian Airlines will vary. So firstly calculate the weight and height you will be allowed and later go for packing to avoid the extra efforts of re-sorting the materials in your bag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the weight and piece concept? 

The weight system counts the bag with any number of items calculated as one. Whereas, as per the piece concept, each item is counted and is valid for the dimensional and weight limit specified by the airline.

How much does Ethiopian Airlines charge for excess baggage? 

Ethiopian Airlines charge from 60 dollars per piece to 250$ as per the travel class and the destination. The members of the alliance and the Shebamiles are entitled to extra baggage capacity.

Can infants take baggage allowance on Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, infants are allowed to carry a piece weighing 10 kg or 23 kg bag along with a baby stroller or car. The rules vary as per the seat fee payable for the infants and their age. 

How will my baggage be calculated by Ethiopian Airlines?

Either by piece or the weight system, Ethiopian Airlines will calculate your baggage allowance according to the route and the travel class. 
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