Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe

IATA Audit gives a green flag to Ethiopian Airlines’ safety. It is a 4-star rated airline that has successfully achieved the Best Airline in Africa award for 5 continuous years. Its aircraft management is also approved and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. These points surely gain our confidence in stating that Ethiopian Airlines is safe to travel. 

Ethiopian Airlines has a safe airline record with 64 accidents in the past. It has majorly improved its safety standards. After 459 fatalities in 2019, the airline has bought changes to rectify its previous faults and increased its rankings to 26th position in the World’s Top 100 Airlines list.

Not only this but their commitment during the COVID peak time has also been appreciated by the passengers. While these are the major three certifications that answer the query of Ethiopian Airlines’ safety. However, as an individual who is curious about,’ Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe’, more valid points are required to guarantee safety while flying with the airline. 

Detailed Analysis Determining Is Ethiopian Airlines Safe to Fly  

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Ethiopian Airlines is the youngest South African airline with 75 years of experience. It has witnessed approximately 65 accidents with six major incidents that had severe fatalities. Despite these numbers, Ethiopian Airlines is a safe airline that has actively worked to rectify its past errors and strengthen its safety measures. Accidents are always not due to the ignorance of the airline or crew. Instead, other external factors like bad weather conditions, Air Traffic, hijacking, and other reasons are highly liable for it. 

A recent IATA audit IN 2022 also justifies that Ethiopian Airlines is a safe airline. Its fleet is also comparatively younger with an average age of 5.4 years. Airbus and Boeing aircraft are the members of its fleet family. Ethiopian MRO also ensures that it maintains and overviews the aircraft’s quality and also suggests scrapping the old and poor-condition aircraft. 

Despite all the above-mentioned points,  a few highly significant indicators of Ethiopian Airlines’ safety are not discussed yet. Read the following points to determine how safe the airline is. 

Ethiopian Airlines' safety
  • Ethiopian Airlines’ safety record is remarkably good. It began its operations in 1946 and has a total of six fatal accidents out of 65. It surely has outgrown its safety standards with 100-plus aircraft maintained and managed according to International benchmarks. 
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association) which is an independent international organization known for its certifications and memberships to only those airlines that qualify the benchmarks of IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) recognizes Ethiopian Airlines. From the beginning of production of an aircraft to its crew’s ability to survive and handle unprecedented situations without the help of technology is evaluated by the organization before certifying an airline as safe. 
  • Ethiopian Airlines’ customer feedback and safety ratings also are the major indicators that guarantee it is a safe airline. Those who have flown in its Dreamliner series state that it is best for long routes in terms of safety and comfort. 
  • A dedicated page showcasing how and who manages maintains and engages in the repairs of the aircraft truly increases the trust in Ethiopian Airlines. You can visit this page that mentions all key points about the former. 
  • Ethiopian Airlines is also part of the Star Alliance, the world’s largest air carrier alliance. Its membership in such an important group reflects its overall performance quality. 
  • The crew of the airline is well-trained to handle basic to complicated operations. Ethiopian Airlines for a very long time hired American pilots and lately has been shifting to local pilots with similar or equal quality and standard of training to them. Due to all these efforts, it has been able to achieve many awards for its discipline and performance including a 4-star rating. 
  • It is one of the only profitably running airlines in South Africa with a good international reputation. It currently offers flights to  131 international destinations gaining the trust of the passengers with its safe journey experiences. In the future, we might see an expansion in the activities of Ethiopian Airlines. 

 Final Confirmation 

All the above discussions lead to one conclusion that Ethiopian Airlines is a fairly safe airline. Even the customer reviews and the international rankings speak in favor of the airline. Surely, there is mixed feedback shared by the passengers, but the overall review which has increased Ethiopian Airlines ranking in the world suggests that Ethiopian Airlines is safe to fly. Carefully read the passage that will strengthen your trust in the airline and finally, you can make your decision to book the flight or not. 

Overview of Ethiopian Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

is Ethiopian Airlines a safe airline?

Ethiopian Airlines is a safe airline. It has been ranked as a 4-star airline and has qualified for IATA certification.

Is it safe to fly on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines is completely safe to fly. Its Dreamliners and Airbus A350 are the best ranked for safety.

Is Ethiopian Airlines the best in Africa?

Ethiopian Airlines is one of the five best-rated and most profitable airlines in South Africa.

Has Ethiopian Airlines met with an accident ever?

Ethiopian Airlines has met 65 accidents with serious injuries and death in six of its accidents.
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