How to Cancel Spirit Flight

Spirit Flight is one of the lowest-fare airlines, and canceling its reservations is a herculean task for many. You don’t need to worry as canceling a Spirit Flight is as simple as snapping your fingers. Passengers can easily cancel the flight by visiting the official website, via phone, through social media, what’s App, or even visiting the airport directly. 

Fares in Spirit Airlines are extremely low, but the add-on fees and other charges might shock you for an ultra-low-cost airline. Answering and covering all the essential topics in this article, you’ll find how to cancel Spirit Flight, ways and processes to cancel it, Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy, refund, and all the required information before planning for your next trip.

Methods for Spirit Airlines Cancellations

The quickest and easiest way to cancel Spirit Airlines flights is to visit the “My Trips” section on their official site. Apart from this, a few more methods are also available for Spirit Airlines Cancellations: 

  • Through Phone.
  • Online Cancellation.
  • Via Text.
  • Canceling Through What’s App.
  • By Social Media.
  • Through Guest Service Staff At the Airport.

1. Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight by Phone

Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight by Phone

To cancel Spirit Airlines flights by phone, Passengers can directly call Spirit Airlines at 855-728-3555. By informing them about the issue and cancellation, the airline will take immediate action and let you know about the cancellation.

2. Spirit Airlines Online Cancellations

Follow the below-mentioned process for Spirit Airlines Online Cancellations:

  • Visit the Official Website “
  • Enter “Passenger’s Last Name” and “Confirmation Code”
  • Click the Continue Button.
  • Click on “Cancel Reservation”
  • Refund amount with cancellation fees will be reflected (If applicable).

3. Spirit Airlines Cancel Flight Via Text

Spirit Airlines Flight Cancellations can also be done via text from mobile. Passengers only have to text them at 48763.

4. Spirit Airlines Cancellation Through What’s App

 Spirit Airlines Cancellation Through What’s App

Spirit Airlines also supports the What’s App Cancellation process. For Spirit Airlines cancellations through What’s App, Passengers can drop messages on this number: 855-728-3555.

5. Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight By Social Media

If you don’t want to visit them personally to the Airport, then one of the best ways to cancel Spirit Airlines Flight is to message them on Social Media. Airline staff usually reply frequently and will try to coordinate as soon as possible.

6. Visit the Airport for Spirit Airlines Cancellation

Visit the Airport for Spirit Airlines Cancellation

In case of any issues with cancellation through above mentioned ways, one can directly visit the Airport and ask for the cancellation from Guest Service Staff.

Check Spirit Airlines Cancelled Flights Today

If you are planning to travel in the future or have already booked a Spirit Airlines Flight ticket, then it is pretty obvious that checking flight status and canceled flight-related queries will definitely come to your mind.

You can easily check your flight and even cancel flights today, tomorrow, or anytime and anywhere in the world. It is a single-click process. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines ( and click on the Flight Status option
  • The Spirit Airlines Flight Status page will open. 
  • Then, enter the details for the flight you want to check for cancellation, and press enter. 
  • All the information will be on your screen.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy is a must-have information for frequent travelers as well as for those who travel for the first time. These policies explain the complete cancellation process and the precautions one can take while canceling Spirit Airlines reservations. Below are the 3 types of ticket cancellations available from Spirit Airlines:

1. Cancelling Standard Ticket:

Cancelling Standard Ticket

Canceling the Standard Ticket for free can be done within 24 hours or more than 60 days from departure. Otherwise, the cancellation fee will be charged based on the days of departure remaining and other conditions. Future Travel Credit will be issued as a refund after the cancellation fee deduction and can be used with Spirit Airlines Only.

2. Cancelling Flex Flight Ticket:

If passengers purchased Flight Flex tickets as their reservation and can modify their travel itinerary online once, and also within 24 hours prior to departure with no additional modification cost. Cancellation is not included in this modification and charges are the same as Standard Ticket. Future Travel Credit will be issued and can be used with Spirit Airlines Flights only.

3. Cancelling Award Ticket:

If a passenger wants to cancel their ticket booked with Spirit Miles (Spirit Airlines Points) after 24 hours, Standard charges will be applicable based on the date of departure. One can cancel the ticket by phone only. These canceled ticket miles will be received back into the passenger’s account.

24-Hour Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines provides a 24-hour cancellation facility for its customers. The passenger is only allowed to cancel the flight within 24 hours of reservation if the flight will be going to depart after 7 days or more (after 168 hours). If the passenger fails to do so, then the cancellation fees will be charged.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Due to Bad Weather

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Due to Bad Weather

Bad weather can be an obstacle in your flying. These are the reasons that an airline or a human can’t control. In this situation, the airline tries to help you and provide accommodation on your own and not at its own cost. Reservation Credit is the only option to option in this case if the flight cancellation occurs due to bad weather. Passengers can redeem to travel later and use this Reservation Credit at that time.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Most people are worried about the refund whether the amount will be received or not. If the passengers want Spirit Airlines Cancellation under any circumstances, they might qualify for a full refund under Spirit’s Cancellation Policy.

Below are the conditions under which one can get a complete refund for their cancellation:

  • Cancellations should be done 60 days prior to departure and will only qualify for a complete refund.
  • If a passenger wants to cancel the flight within 24 hours of reservation for a flight which is departing after 7 or more days.
  • If the flight is canceled by Spirit Airlines itself.
  • If the flight is delayed for more than 2 hours.
  • If Spirit Airlines reschedules the flight.
  • In case of special circumstances like death, serious illness, jury duty, etc. (This condition is subject to documentary evidence and Spirit Airlines agreeing to it.)

(Note: In all other scenarios, rather than those mentioned in this section will be charged, depending on when the passenger cancels.)

Cancel Spirit Airlines Flight for Free

Cancel Spirit Airlines flight for free is a must-have query in everyone’s mind. Free cancellation policy varies with different airlines and is available with almost all airlines depending on cancellation conditions. 

If cancelation is done within 24 hours of booking and booked at least 7 days prior to the flight departure, then not a single penny will be charged. Also, if the passenger is canceling the Spirit Airlines Flight which is going to depart after 60 days or more, then no cancellation amount will be charged.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Charges

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Charges
Cancellation CriteriaCancellation Charges (in USD)
Within 24-Hours of Booking and 7 or more days for departure$0
More than 60 days of departure$0
Between 31-59 days before departure$69
Between 7-30 days before departure$99
Within 0 to 6 days before departure$119

(Note: Cancellation even 1-hour before departure will cost $119 USD.) 


Canceling a flight reservation can be a challenging task, but with the right information, anyone can cancel their Spirit Airlines Flight. There are many ways to cancel Spirit Airlines such as Phone, Text, What’s App, Online, and more. This article covers all the required information about how to cancel a Spirit flight, ways of cancellation, Spirit Flight Cancellation for free, and their charges. Read the complete article to clearly understand the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy and its process before planning your next travel with Spirit Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel the Spirit ticket?

Yes, you can cancel your ticket for Spirit Airlines even before 1 hour of departure. It will cost you based on the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Refund Policy.

What is Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy?

Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy is that if you booked a flight and want to cancel for free, you have to take immediate action within 24 hours of booking and if the flight departure time is after 7 or more days. Otherwise, you can even cancel before 1 hour of scheduled departure which is chargeable.

How to avoid Spirit Cancellation Fees?

To avoid Spirit Airlines Cancellation fees, passengers can take immediate action by canceling the reservation within 24 hours of booking if the flight is going to depart after 7 days.

How to change or cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight?

There are many ways to change or cancel Spirit Airlines flights. These methods are: Phone, Text, What’s App, Online Websites, Social Media, and Visiting Airports.

How do I contact Spirit Airlines directly?

If you want to talk with Spirit Airlines directly, then you can call 844-989-7283. This no. will connect you to Spirit Airlines so that they can resolve all your queries with the help of Guest Service Staff.

Are Spirit tickets transferable?

Spirit tickets are non-transferable as airlines don’t allow passengers to transfer their tickets to any other passenger.
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