Does Air France Have a Chat Line

Now, Air France passengers can chat on Facebook messenger with the airline representative. Even more, the boarding pass can also be received on the app. To create a better connection with the passengers, the airline has enabled a chat line on messenger that allows them to talk with the staff anytime.

So, Yes, Air France does have a chat line on Facebook which is accessible 24/7. The staff stays alert to quickly respond to your messages. While there are other ways to contact Air France, this is getting popular among passengers due to ease of access and additional benefits. Here is a link and details to the chat line. 

How to Connect with Air France Staff on Facebook Messenger?

Air France Staff

Air France facebook messenger is a new chat line that makes the conversation easy and more accessible to the passengers. It is not an AI bot, but the real customer support official who is attentive 24/7 reading and answering your queries. 

You can also Email the airline to get your answers via online mode. However, it might take some time. Whereas, this Air France chat line gives real time status of your scheduled flight along with quick responses to your questions.

One additional and important benefit of the chat line is that you can request your boarding pass link and download it directly from the chat. Click on the Share Boarding pass on messenger option while co The staff will immediately share the link after confirming your identity. 

The airline does not use your personal data but might use the cookies to understand your preferences better. Check out the Facebook messenger chat link and other social media contacts to connect with the airline staff.

Air France Online Customer Support Contacts
Facebook Messenger Add the chat link and connect with Air France staff
Email and

Amongst all the above mentioned modes of contact, the Facebook messenger is the most effective due to its 24/7 availability and quick response system. The answers will be personalized as a staff member will be responding from the other end of the screen. Refer to the contact details and add the chat line to your facebook messenger app and get all updates related to your flight. 


Air France offers a new medium of conversation via Facebook messenger. Passengers can call or message the airline on their regional and global toll free numbers. It offers various mediums to stay connected with the airline staff and keeps you updated with flight details. If you were wondering does Air France have an online chat, then it has and it is very easy to access. It has other advantages that are described above. 

Does Air France Have Online Chat? (FAQs)

Can I talk to Air France staff online?

Air France has a chat line that allows the passengers to talk or communicate with the staff. It is available on Facebook messenger.

What is Air France Facebook messenger service?

Air France Facebook messenger is a new way of chat formed by Air France that gives easy and convenient access to connect with the staff and get answers to your queries.

How to get a boarding pass from the Air France Facebook chat line?

Complete the check-in and select the Share on messenger option to get the boarding pass link on Air France facebook messenger.
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